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Stunning testimonial, Sam.

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This comment seems to have disappeared so will repeat. Glad to see this. Keep writing about this. Someone will publish --THE CRADLE? We really need to hear Palestinian voices on an ongoing basis.

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Got that about shopping for publishing opportunities.

The biology stuff I sent you may turn out to be germane to your work with Ebola....don't know...science is like that. But it seems to me that the very circumscribed areas of outbreaks of Ebola, Marburg, and Zika in recent years, SARS-1 and MERS also, could be due to the difficulties of propagating lab viruses very far in the population at large. This is because these cloned viruses mutate very rapidly and tend to lose the infectious characteristics of the original clone. So it may turn out that the global spread of Covid represents a breakthrough in distribution of these clones, propelled by the propaganda engine in high gear. They may have been working on the problem of distribution for a very long time. Jikileaks is on this, and I believe others are considering.

Just offering this to you as something to follow since you seem to have some interest. If this pans out, the story would be big.


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During the past 75 years and even before, there have been key historical moments that have almost destroyed any hope of change.

At the Evian conference of 1938, where Hitler was offering the German Jews to any country willing to take them, the United States refused to even send a government delegate to the conference not willing to "import a social problem". The West practically put up a wall to block any Jewish emigration to their countries. Jewish political organizations were opposed to any Jewish emigration to any country hoping to put pressure on Britain to open up emigration to Palestine. Up until this point more Jews were leaving Palestine then emigrating to Palestine. Hitler was overjoyed confirming his point that West was extremely anti-semitic and started completing the steps for the Final Solution. There would have been no state of Israel if the West had immediately allowed a full emigration of Jews from Germany.

The massacre committed by members of the Irgun and Stern gang at Deir Yassin was part of a deliberate policy plan put forth by Israeli leader David Ben-Gurion to depopulate land that the state of Israel would need to survive as an independent country. The massacre was publicized by Israeli army units and the terrorist squads. What is not widely written about today is that Deir Yassin was not the exception but the beginning of brutal attacks against Arab and Palestinians property owners.

September, 1970 which became known as Black September and spawned the creation of the Black September group, was the best opportunity for a Palestinian state. The war between Jordan and the PLO resulted in nearly a PLO victory until US military support and weapons shifted victory to King Hussein and Jordan. There were even Israeli military commanders who supported victory by the PLO in Jordan because of the opportunity of keeping the PLO in defined borders. US support for Jordan was short sighted and not realizing the future ramifications of a PLO defeat.

The military blunder by Yasser Arafat during the 1982 Lebanon war destroyed the credibility of the PLO. Surrounded by Israeli forces in Beirut and agreeing to surrender their weapons to Israeli soldiers for safe passage out of Beirut produce a picture of Yasser Arafat surrendering his weapon to an Israeli soldier and the Arab and Palestinian response to that photo was a cascade of condemnation that the PLO never recovered from and led to the formation of Hamas. Israel would have never been allowed by the international community and the United States to militarily destroy the PLO. Israel was in the midst of international condemnation for their murderous actions in Palestinian camps in Lebanon during this invasion even by the United States. Arafat's blunder destroyed any future opportunities for any concessions by Israel. His blunder left the door open for only the most extreme political organizations and solutions on both sides.

If anyone is going to conduct their own independent study, these unfortunate time stamps will provide a roadmap to the situation we are now in. The one situation now which is a real wildcard is what has Netanyahu done to Israel with his selling out to Pfizer and mandating the Covid 19 vaccine. The highest precentage of vaccinated for a country and their health is eternally compromised.

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