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Love the artwork. Did not know you did that. Please keep it coming -- including the captions, of course.

Thanks also for linking to eugenics -- very much "up" now, a basis of fascism ("we, the humans" must rule over -- or destroy -- "them, the untermensch.") Many versions (white supremacy, patriarchy, monarchy, class rule...).

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An interesting overview and since I'm relatively new to your blog, an unexpected thematic departure from those previously read. Two comments: with Rishi Sunak as PM, I think the return to the EU (literally or effectively) will accelerate. Aside from eugenics, members of the British aristocracy had an uncomfortably close relationship with 1930s' Nazi Germany and now they have an equal affinity for the EU aristocracy. Not surprising for those who feel themselves superior to the unwashed masses.

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The empire within Empire.

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