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How might all of this connect to the biolab disaster Morgellon’s Disease in the early 2000’s? Texas, California, and Florida were epicenters of the outbreaks after the first cases emerged in a biolab worker from the East Coast: where were these players then? If you’re not familiar with this disease, an image search will give best introduction. Hundreds of bleeding, unhealing lesions covering the body with masses of sprouting colored fibers growing under the skin and out of the lesions, accompanied by severe neurological symptoms that debilitate patients. After demand from tens of thousands of families enduring this nightmare disease, the CDC finally agreed to an “investigation” in circa 2006. This was done in partnership with Kaiser Permanente Bay Area and the Airforce (why not). Were patients given any information about what their disease was, how it was contracted / contagious / treatable? No. CDC launched a universal misinformation campaign denigrating patients as “delusional middle-aged housewives / drug-users / uneducated” and claimed the condition didn’t exist. In no way did this match patient demographics: even family pets were covered in unhealing lesions with nests of protruding self-assembling fibers in red, white, blue, and black unknown material. All online sources were targeted with the message of “delusional”, as were hospitals and medical publications. Doctors who tried to investigate and treat patients had their careers destroyed. What else happened following the CDC “investigation”? Gain-of-function biolabs were quietly relocated overseas to places like Wuhan and Ukraine: where outbreaks of biolab sicknesses repeatedly occurred – including e.g. bird / swine flu in Ukraine that conveniently uses the same protein sequence of the Furin Cleavage Site found in Covid but magically no other corona viruses. Any info you might come across that clarifies this linkage back to Morgellon’s and the people responsible would be of great service to citizens, patients, and medical history.

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