The one constant in these apartheid positions is that the only way to supposedly be intellectually principled is to choose a side and doggedly stick to it despite evidence to the contrary. Thanks Sam.

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I am not far from Chomsky's position on vaccine mandates, and here's why: because unvaccinated people could kill or permanently main me, my partner, or my 84-year-old mother, whom I now visit often to spell her also-vulnerable spouse. All four of us are extra vulnerable for hospitalization, death or long-term disability due to COVID, for multiple reasons of health and age.

"Death" is now less likely, since Paxlovid, and likewise hospitalization, since the COVID-induced hospital crisis has abated. But neither risk has been eliminated entirely, and Long COVID is nothing to trifle with, as everyone now knows it can be long-term (permanently? Who knows?) debilitating.

Bottom line, other people do not have a right to subject me to their dangerous decisions. I have no control over whether they get on my bus to work sick (where we might share air for 90 minutes). Or my plane to see Mom 3,000 miles away (I know multiple people who have knowingly flown with COVID, altho it's worth mentioning that the airport is a lot more dangerous than the plane since the latter has good air exchange vs airports).

I had a friend hug me before she disclosed (actually, she *never* disclosed to me) that she was an unvaccinated anti-vaxxer. At the time I was extra vulnerable due to a health condition that left me immune-compromised.

Why should other people have a right to threaten my life, my ability to support myself through work, my health, the life and well-being of my spouse and parents, when free (at least they were, for years), safe and effective vaccines are available?

I lived under South African apartheid, towards the end. I worked in AIDS control and prevention when Cuba quarantined part of their population against AIDS. These are different circumstances that cannot logically be grouped together under the banner of "apartheid."

Basically, it's one thing to create two-class societies based purely on identity, whether that is nominally (or purportedly) religion, ethnic identity, or the bogus thing we call "race." That is discriminatory, repulsive, and oppressive.

Medical decisions, on the other hand -- *public health measures* -- that keep some people (who, it bears repeating, have accessible and safe options) from maiming and killing others through their recklessness and insistence on personal "freedom," are quite another. We can debate things like involuntary quarantine, but it's a logical fallacy to lump these two quite different categories together.

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Excellent article. Keep going.

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I wish that RFK would have called out Israel. Maybe he is being smart, I dunno. He is pulling no punches re CIA murdering his uncle and father that you would think he is already out there far enough, why pull back now? Perhaps he saw what happened to Jeremy Corbyn?

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