Thank you for relentlessly pursuing the truth Sam. When you're lied to, so are the American taxpayers who at a basic level, fund these dangerous and/or illegal activities.

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It sounds like your questions, albeit unanswered, may have stimulates some needed consternation behind the scenes, leading to the cessation of dangerous activities.

If so, it's too bad you don't get credit... but we know you're on the beat.

Also, whenever a problematic government program (COINTELPRO, TIPS, etc.) is "discontinued," I always wonder whether it has simply been renamed and moved to another agency. I am not saying this cynically, and I'm sure I don't need to urge you to wonder, but gotta always add that caveat.

Keep on keepin' on, brother.

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Thanks for positioning yourself to ask the questions, and to report when they are not answered.

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