good stuff, thanks for amplifying and love how things are intertwined!

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Thanks Sam,

Reassuring to hear some honest talk -without self censorship- 'tween reporter n former govt. official. Good to know not everyone in your vocation views powers that be elite as maybe doing what is best for the world.

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Congratulations on achieving outcomes with your work -- must feel hood to know. You deserve it!

There is actually so much good stuff on Netflix (about WWII, Five Eyes, CIA murder of somewhat unwitting warly germ warfare biologist Olson - "Wormwood" -- that I wonder whether it wouldn't be fun - and politically useful - to do some kind of podcast, or even written series, discussing and commenting on these episodes, the way Anna Marie Brown and - woman from Sweet Honey in the Rock? Or her daighter? - did about Octavia Butler's "Parable of the Sower" series.

I think you'd be great a t for that because of your sharply honed nose for official lies, as well as your knowledge of history.

Whaddya say?

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