American imperialism/militarism poses the most imminent threat to Americans and everyone else. Apart from RFK's, there is no possibly viable Presidential candidacy that features dismantling the CIA, rooting out the neo-cons, slashing the so-called defense budget, winding down the empire. RFK is risking his life on behalf of this urgent mission to undo the war machine. And there is no one else we can count on to undo Big Pharma's stranglehold and to overhaul public health. Compared to these causes, advancing accountability for pandemic criminality is a side-show. I do most definitely regret RFK's stance on Israel. But I trust he is educable and I trust his moral core.

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Very well stated!!!

Re: American imperialism/militarism: We have officially ravaged the globe. Had we not started these wars, there'd be no fleeing. Instead, millions upon millions upon millions of alleged "refugee's" have infiltrated Europe and elsewhere. I don't recall crime being at a higher level - throughout the world. The desecration is unfathomable. The United States is responsible for all of it! We caused this.

I don't vote, never have nor ever will. I refuse to reinforce and enable the corruption, malfeasance and subterfuge - or our completely felonious election system.

For the first time ever I truly had hope Bobby was the one. Closing 800 bases around the world returning to secure and protect our own Country - decapitating and imprisoning those at the alphabet agencies responsible for the criminality (he's right - they're not all bad) rooting out the neo-cons and everything else you've stated! What about term limits to prevent and eradicate people like Biden and McConnel, Feinstein and Fetterman who don't even know what day it is - from remaining in office?

Very few if any candidates had the means to accomplish this! No one knows how the game is played better than the Kennedys! No one knows where all the bodies are buried. This is a man who has been suing the government for decades and knows exactly where the cesspool of corruption lies. In fact at times he actually named names!!

Unlike most candidates he is also extremely intelligent - has already acquired fame and fortune and therefore there is nothing in this for him - it would be a sacrifice!

But the sad fact of the matter something happened and or changed! I have followed this man for the last 2-3 years! He was never rehearsed and yet now, he is the embodiment of it! Words used to describe him were integrity and honesty and yet when he continues to repeat the same ole same ole stories, verbatim mind you - that too now comes into question. Every single interview is the exact same questions and answers! This is why he's not moved one iota in the polls!

There are a plethora of problems facing this Country and world and yet now he's talking about farming?!? Seriously? The only thing people care about is the corruption which we all thought would be his platform. Exactly why Trump succeeds - because HE harnesses the anger!

Bobby on the other hand has no fighter instinct! They manhandle him during these interviews and set the narrative! They interrupt him and he shuts down! When he does answer questions he now rambles incoherently - often trying to recall his previous answers! He'll start and stop, confuse his words and the story line!

The history lessons are an abomination - as are constantly riding his families coattails! THIS plays right into the attacks that he is exploiting his families name! Furthermore, it in not HIS father and uncle but rather OUR FATHER and uncle! This would resonate and also help to heal the divide within his family!

He had this in the palm of his hands. I always believed by next year the number of deaths and injuries would be so grave they would never be able to bury the truth which would catapult him into office - labeling him an anti-vaxer - would actually come home to roost. I thought that may've been the deciding factor regarding his decision.

But now there is no talk of anything! They label him crazy an a conspiracy nut when in fact he has the proof and irrefutable evidence what he says he truthful and factual and yet he is so craven!

The pharmaceutical industry has paid billion of dollars in fines and instead of saying let me repeat myself and driving THESE points home over and over and over until THEY instead become synonymous with his name - he rambles incoherently! If anything, this is where you might touch on and or inject the subject of accountability for the pandemic.

In closing, I beleive this article could very well be more than a distinct possibility! Something changed. This Country needed someone to stand up and save what little is even left of it!!!!

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Perfect example of what I am saying - over six minutes of rambling to answer why he is running against an incumbent! Once again invoking his uncle and the history lesson but notice how he gets the applause when he touches on the corporate crony capitalism!

I also agree, his wife is clearly involved in all of this - you raised a great point about Hollywood. He reminds me off Bush who relied upon and surrounded himself with strong woman!

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The really sorry part of the RFK "campaign" is that he knew from the start that winning is not possible. After the Sanders experiences in 2016 and 2020, we know there is zero chance for any slight deviation from the neocon mainstream. The DNC admitted in post-2016 litigation that the popular vote is meaningless to the nomination process.

RFK has a real chance to appeal to the hundreds of millions of vaccine injured and families of the deceased, those locked out by VAX mandates and people fighting censorship. He could provide a real voice for them, an an organizing boost. The racial divide around injection acceptance creates great opportunities for a multiracial movement. Then there are also the economic hardships working people endure under the oligarchy and banksters and an unequivocal antiwar stance. He is not taking up these fights and instead behaving like the sheepdog candidate he is.

Cornell West is great on some issues, but is one with the Green Party Covid narrative, which is even worse than most democrats' positions. These people accept the lies about covid injections, biosurveillance, quarantine and all the rest. His campaign is dead in the water, and not only because the Greens are completely irrelevant.

Rather than build a movement, RFK lies about Israel and Zionism. He creates non-issues like ethnic bioweapons and the like. He shies away from the brutal censorship fight. He is avoiding the issues that matter so as not to further alienate his Democrat friends, who'd prefer his demise.

Voting in 2024, as in most elections, is a way to deflect us from real events. RFK and West are playing their roles.

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Did I miss it? Or did you yet write about RFKJr's likely sheepdogging in this consequential procedure: https://twitter.com/Kelleyswords/status/1687439305776443392?t=EXApfzsTkDRpcY_yS0S1eA&s=19

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Kennedy didn't have to run as a Democrat. Sanders did even though he's technically not in the Party (he's a socialist) but since he's a senator and voted with the Democrats most of the time and importantly, he signed the right paperwork promising to support the party's nominee, he was given a 'sheepdog' pass. RFK had less of a reason to cast his candidacy as a Democrat. His rationale seemed to be more of an historical affiliation than an ideological one. For that reason and others, I unfortunately agree with Beck.

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Yes, I thought RFK Jr. might be a viable option until he made it clear Palestinians mean nothing to him.

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See my article on Substack: “ Kennedy Runs fir President: He Can’t Because of His Cant”. References Sam’s earlier piece

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