Mr. Husseini, thanks for taking the time to think through the different strands of covid origins. It's deeply concerning to see disinformation (re)occurring right in front of our eyes. I have noticed some (twitter) people who sense the propagandistic threat to China in this new iteration of msm discussion of covid origins ("probably lab leak") have denounced lab origin, emphasizing the wet market theory again instead. I mean, there are so many ways for this story to get dissipated and for the truth to be evaded. I have noticed others on twitter saying, hey, why is this suddenly okay to talk about now? So there is some suspicion. But it's alarming how everywhere you look now, you hear the words "lab leak." I appreciate your pointing out Ruskin's comments and the fact that even declassified info is being held back, and that Hawley's "fix" neglects non-Wuhan-related information and more. Thanks again. Peace.

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The evidence of people not from Wuhan who were infected in the "autumn of 2019" is voluminous. Antibody tests and dates of "onset of symptom" provide this evidence. Would this Congress search compel researchers looking into the origins question to finally interview some of these 130 Americans?

Will any senator or representative ever talk about these early cases?


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