Hell no.. if Israel can't make a trade while carpet bombing Palestinians in a concentration camp it's not Hamas showing no value to human lives. Jail the war criminals.. cease fire now!

If you ever need protest pics esp signs my Flickr has pretty solid coverage back to Occupy. I did a couple miles of Palestine solidarity march last weekend.. all free to share for anyone but corp media.. other takeaway is NYPD make Capitol Police look like rookies w crowd control prep! :~)


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Super important points. We're supposed to be encouraged that Dick Durbin has become the first U.S. Senator to call for a cease-fire, but it is only on these same terms, whlich I consider to be asking for unilateral disarmament of the weaker (and more righteous) side. Just like was asked of the IRA. Just like what was asked of the FARC in Colombia. It's ridiculous, entirely wiping out any mention of the 7,000 Palestinian prisoners, the release of (even some of) whom would at least be a sort of quid-pro-quo. But your recall of history is invaluable here. Obviously Israel is already genocidal; they have publicly declared their intent to be such. Why would Hamas agree to this? Believing the Israelis will stop? Based on all the past good faith of successive Israeli governments, particularly this one? Ridiculous. As are the feeble calls of the Biden admin for restraint. Spare me.

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Richard Medhurst has been on fire w his reporting & ability to do Arabic translations live help big time.. fell in love w him for live from Julian's court days & flippin adore him more now!! <3

Nasrallah Full Speech [Arabic to English Translation] | Hezbollah vs. Israel


Israel and the US Getting Spanked on Multiple Fronts..... priceless!


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Thank you so much Sam. It seems unnecessary but there are reasons to be reminded of previous US duplicity especially in this regard.

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Nov 3, 2023Liked by Sam Husseini

There's also the prior instance of U.S.-NATO forcing Libya to give up its nuclear program, which then allowed the U.S.-NATO to carpet bomb and destroy it a couple years later.

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