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You go, brother! Congrats on navigating the fine line in D.C. between persistence/insistence and getting banned*. And for bringing up Bamford's article. Shame on the Washington so-called press corps for not following up. But then they'd all have to admit how much a part of the problem they all were, whether duped/doopid or witting -- during Russiagate.

* (made me think about how women -- still -- have to navigate a similar fine line in many circumstances)

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You appear to have better information that what Bamford writes in his article. Or at least I did not see "Unit 8200, the Israeli equivalent of the NSA." Your angle-- that Israel could (and perhaps --likely-- did) use this illegal contact to blackmail Trump-- what a great and perhaps blockbuster story with huge implications for the future campaign. Glad to hear you continue to research this.

Also, glad to subscribe, and while I am at it, I like this song . Best wishes.


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Re Assange damaging National Security: as I remember it the documents were being gone through and sensitive parts were being redacted. Was it the Guardian, DoD and JA? Then for some reason I thought the military itself threw their hands up and said enough. Thereby letting JA release unredacted documents.

A friend who worked in Iraqi embassy said ppl lost lives because of it. He blames JA but it seems like DoD were at fault. What do you think?

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