How can Kennedy be criticized for "his hesitance to hold actors like Farrar and Fauci accountable for their propagandistic coverup of Covid origins" when Kenndy is and has been the most deadly critic of Fauci and wrote an entire book about him (The Real Anthony Fauci) that goes much further than merely nailing Fauci for covering up COVID's lab origin?--Steve Brown

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Straight to the point

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One gigantic problem with this critique is that the entire spectrum of claims around Gain of Function that are in opposition to fundamental biology. While there is no question enhanced ability can be produced by CRISPR and made in volume in a lab with cDNA clones it is impossible for any virus to have fidelity to create a pandemic. Every person infected produces a variant & using coronavirus backbone many will have natural T-cell immunity to the most conserved proteins.

Lab leak or natural origin makes no difference to the real imaginary enemy claims that ignore laws of Nature that are lost in the fear porn about viral pandemics. Great information about this hype for unseen threats from pathogens are recent VSRF chat w Steve Kirsch and Mike Yeadon.


Another fab source is Jonathan Couey neurobiologist & science advisor to RFK Jr & CHD.. No question Jay would be happy to talk with you just ping me or use his site for contact. Fear of an unseen enemy is a powerful weapon the reality is that it is not possible to do more with these GoF than local infection w release of clones. Jay also has a chat w Yeadon at GigaohmBiological site.


oops forgot to add Bobby has a new book about Wuhan to be released this month that addresses many of the points you have been critical of omitting & Jay Couey a science consultant for that too!

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I get you want him to talk about covid, I’m right there with you however nearly the entire left who’ve been aware of covid joined hands with the lockdown branch covidiot left, and they wrapped spare masks around their heads to ensure a perfect blinder effect and then they squeezed every news cycle, every tweet, every interview, forcing this one single topic. Constantly blaming him for talking about it while in the same breath demanding he appear with them because they need to ask him about it. At first I felt embarrassed about what he was saying but I very quickly saw the number of bad faith branch covidian left intentionally driving the conversation, trying to keep this one topic on center stage. A lot of people who should have kept a more macro view on the entire tyrannical situation got swept up in it.

When you criticize who he’s picking for his campaign I’d ask what he is supposed to do. The entire left has one demand of him, and it has to do with what is essentially a virtue signal about Palestine. There’s not a single thought that Dr. West would have put Palestinians into medical and financial apartheid. When I mention that in some of the left groups, in hopes to bring people off the mainline hype machine, more than a few would say it didn’t matter because Palestinians don’t have freedom to travel as it is. Apparently solidifying their imprisonment in code with global AI drone surveillance vax pass readers is okay because it will teach us a lesson in the west, again these brilliant ideas were conveyed to me. You know he is getting pressure from financial interests and the Israel lobby yet there is not only no balance, but there’s also a vacuum with the left viciously ripping into him. With this environment how do you expect he fill these same people into campaign positions?

Politics requires pressure, public pressure is best when you don’t have money, and it's clear people learned absolutely nothing from Bernie. If the left can’t manage to put aside their differences, sorry, their 1 difference, then the RFK campaign will be stacked on top of the monumental list of massive opportunities pissed away.

I hear your hesitant fear of RFK switching things to blame on China, but I think you’re far off about that. On a side note, I find it so strange to hear criticism that he’s not spoke about it enough. He has countless podcasts where he is stopping people who get carried away (or engaging in anti-China propaganda). He knows all the relationships of western governments, officials and private industry players who were using the lab essentially as a rental. He’s criticized Desmet’s "Mass Psychosis" for the explicit reason it gives a free pass to the very evil leaders and institutions and quite directly blames to victims. Many times, he has forcefully pushed back on the people blaming China and his position is on how responsible the US military is and how they were the driving force behind all the worst policies. If you listen to any interviews he does with Dr. Meryl Nass, Whitney Webb, James Roguski, Sasha Latypova, Catherine A. Fitts, those all usually get into the details on what happened and what’s coming. You might reply with "of course he speaks in depth with them" but you want him to be reaching out to the others who, at the moment, are reflexively against RFK.

I want him to cover this stuff too but the people he needs to cover it with are currently customizing their "Free Palestine" vaxxx passport designs while they curse RFK’s existence. This is where a whole lot of them feel most comfortable because Kennedy makes them deal with, and really question the actions they’ve taken with themselves or their kids and it’s easier to write him off.

I’d imagined having an on the ground network parallel to CHD at this point but when he announced his candidacy you had the people who should have hitched to give guidance and pressure, instead were obsessed with his kicking off as a Dem - a decision which I had mentioned he do almost 3 years ago because that’s the only way to reach the propagandized and censored left - or nonstop talking about loyalty pledges and cheating Dems, even though we see what happened with the intelligence agencies and the general.

I don’t know what else to say, you (and I) want him to be informing people about what happened, but the dance partner isn’t showing up. He does speak on Jeremy Farrar and the WHO at length, he helps organize round table live streams on CHD, Rumble, Rokfin and when he can slip by censorship, on YouTube. Overall, I agree with what you’re saying however you’re really over exaggerating this idea that he is intentionally avoiding covid, to a rather extreme point and you simultaneously ignore the fact that the other side of the conversation is having their 'code-pink' moment, choosing the 'virtue' of WW3 rather than putting aside their differences. Personally, I find it difficult to which endless forgiveness for Dr. West’s complete ignorance about nearly everything other than Palestine, although he would have had them forced into medical apartheid but again, he speaks favorably about them so it’s endless acceptance and forgiveness of his rather horrific positions, and he has no curiosity to find the truth of what happened. This is when he takes a break from calling Trump and Trump supporters "Neo-fascist" and then describe the literal dementia addled fascist a "milk-toast" liberal… wtf?? And talk about dividing the antiestablishment voters, Chris Hedges, who effortlessly embraced covid ignorance, casually insulting the covid response opposition these last 3 years, seems obsessed with attacking RFK over and over and over again. He can’t go on an interview where RFK is mentioned favorable without lifting the toilet seat and unleashing a verbal diarrhea about his 1 bad take. I don’t think he’s ever questioned Gnoam the Chump about his genocidal hatred for the unvaccinated and how he wanted to throw anyone who didn’t accept medical experimentation into apartheid camps while openly joking about how his victims might have a difficult time finding food - he didn’t mention if they had children and if he wanted to starve the kids with their parents for being born into that family, that’s the kind of acceptable position to keep in Hedges mind. Maybe Chris didn’t realize Palestinians can be unvaccinated too… maybe he didn’t consider them human like Noam? I’m being harsh because I was disgusted by this bigoted genocidal hate widely accepted by the vast majority of the RFK Red-line crew.

If you really want to do something you need to get this left, the ones moonlighting as code pink, and have them form what the historical literature and for that matter cinema, describe as an "alliance", have them shelve their damn differences, and get them to rebuild a relationship with RFK without insulting his dumb take. It probably won’t matter to most of them, but you might remind them he went against his family and the Israel lobby to advocate the release of the Palestinian convicted of killing his dad, you know maximum Zionist move, and have them put pressure on him to hold true to certain negotiated positions if he wants to earn their vote. They have a wide variety of topics to choose from, some 10 active tyrannical measures rolling out globally this very moment. By all means tell them to criticize him about his dumb take but do it in private. This 3-month excursion into reality tv bullshit only hurt the issue of Palestine and that’s not even mentioning how the absence of discussing those other topics move them, and every other human, into a digital internment camp.

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Sam, is that a sample of your work on the walls? Love them!

Dr Meryl Nass, who works for CHD, is spearheading the effort related to the WHO pandemic 'treaty'. Not sure if she informs folks about Farrar who is certainly a key player, as well as Drosden (sic) out of Germany...he was the PCR test 'lead'. All of this background you (and Whitney Webb) have disclosed long ago. I became aware of your work in Salon through the film interview you gave to Pandemania way back in 2020? I might have these facts wonky. Regardless, I sought out your work back then and have been a fan ever since. Glad you have the substack because I just left twitter for nostr.

It would be cool if RFKjr would grant you an interview.

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